Poncin and the 7 surrounding villages have a population of 1770 inhabitants.
Since prehistory, men have come to live on the banks of the Ain river.
A Roman road was built over an important Gallic road which used to cross this part of France, linking Lyon to Geneva. Some farms were built next to this road.

After the year 1000, thanks to its strategic position, Poncin became the capital of the Bugey region.
A great castle was built with the help its inhabitants.
At the end of the 15th century, Poncin was the most important town of the Ain, and was under the protection of the Savoy house.
After the medieval wars, the distance from decision making centres and the choice of another town as the main regional capital hindered the development of Poncin.

Famous people such as Claude-Marie Bochard, Serullas and Xavier Bichat lived in Poncin.

During the 20th century, the inhabitants built a school, a police station, avillage hall and a gymnasium.
Poncin has grown to be a nice town to live in.