The primary school was build in September 2013 . This school has alowed its pupils to  learn in a beautiful environnement. The actions lead by its teachers link the primary school to the secondary school.

The primary school is a school of application. Kindergarten counts one hundred and five pupils. They start school aged 3 years old.

The elementary school counts one hundred and thirty two students. They are in 6 classes starting in CP and finishing in CM2 . This school itself is located in Poncin .

Poncin’s middle school welcomes 470 pupils. This school offers courses from the 1st to 5th form.

The middle school also has an Integration Class which enables all the students, even handicapped, to follow an ordinary course.

Every pupil is respected and is considered as a unique person.

Thanks to the educational staff, the middle school allows its pupils to learn in an environment with well-respected rules. The key words are «respect, work and success». All the staff works towards helping each youngster to find his or her own path. With all the important pedagogic tools, the middle school can achieve this with the help of  the parents by being  involved in the schooling of the pupils, with regular follow up, as learning means serious hard work, at home and at school.