In the years 1865-1870, this small village belonged to the municipality of Neuville sur Ain. It is on the river Ain. It is next to the village of Ceuille. A special feature of Allement is its parallel streets. There are 100 inhabitants in Allement. It offers a beautiful view over the Revermont.

-Chapel dating from the 14th century.
-A magnificent stone fountain.
-A statue composed of a cubic base topped with a cross.
-A dam.

The dam of Allement has a hydroelectric power plant, built between 1956 and 1960.


Some technical information about this dam:
-It is 35 meters high
-Volume of restrain: 19,00 hm3
-Length: 229,00 meters
-Width at the top: 2,80 meters
-Width at the base: 27,10 meters
-Volume of the dam: 105,000 m3